• A Grain Fed Angus Hanger Steak folded in a u shape.

Grain Fed Angus Hanger Steak


Does your butcher have a carefully oiled moustache and a sleeve of tattoos poking out from his handcrafted raw-hide apron? If yes, you can bet he’s mad about hanger.

Hanger steak, so named because it ‘hangs’ from the diaphragm, does nearly no work and is therefore very tender indeed. While other cuts rely on a liberal marbling of fat to maintain tenderness, hanger steak is very lean yet no less delicious.

The lower fat content makes this ripper steak from Australia's south-east just a little temperamental, but whack it on a screaming hot griddle pan or bbq for mere moments to serve rare or for an excellent result.

These hand-cut steaks weigh approximately 400 grams.


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