• An 800g Dry Aged Grain Fed T-Bone beef steak.

Dry Aged Grass Fed T-Bone 800g


Our Australian dry-aged T-bones are pretty special. Combining the two most tender cuts: fillet and sirloin alongside their bone that adds a depth of flavour that both steaks can’t deliver on their own. Then we take these premium steaks and dial that flavour up to eleven with expert in-store dry ageing.

Dry ageing is a process by which meat is left to rest in very carefully monitored conditions in which we allow naturally occurring enzymes to do their work. This process creates a complexity of flavour—savouriness, sweetness, some bitterness-that just wasn't there before. There's no cooking method that can generate the depth of flavour of a dry-aged piece of meat.

Our butchers will cut as accurately as they can and each steak will be approximately 800g. 

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