A Wagyu Ribeye MBS7 beef steak on a marble slab.

Wagyu Ribeye MBS7

$490 per piece

Product description

Wagyu beef is famous for its marbling. That’s the little lines of fat running all throughout your steak. The intensity of the marbling is measured on the MBS scale which runs from 1 to 12. This intramuscular fat softens as the steak is cooked and flavours, moistens and tenderises the meat giving the steak a decadent butteriness reminiscent of a good pâté. The higher the MBS the richer the final product will be.

This Australian Wagyu Ribeye with it’s MBS score of 7 is the type of product you just don’t find outside of fine dining restaurants. Having this steak to cook at home is something truly special.

Product details

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