• A Wagyu Sirloin MBS7 beef steak on a marble slab.

Wagyu Sirloin MBS7

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This, is what steak-lovers dream about. Perfectly marbled Australian beef with a generous seam of fat along the top side perfect for greasing and flavouring the pan. The striploin, very similar to the sirloin but with an extra level of richness from increased intramuscular fat is the perfect searing steak. And with the added modifier of ‘wagyu’, this cut is a sure-fire way to impress your dinner guests.

This steak weighs in with an MBS score of 7, giving it an ideal balance of fat and lean ensuring your steak is rich and buttery but still maintains a robust ‘beefy’ flavour. Ranging from 1 to 12 we find steaks between 4 to 8 to be particularly popular.

Hand cut to approximately 350 or 450 grams.


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