• A 200g wedge of stilton cheese.

Stilton 200g

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Stilton is hand-made in Nottinghamshire to a time-honoured recipe which produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese. The flavour is deep, lingering and complex. Stilton that is velvety and smooth, with a full, well-balanced, sweet and ‘mineral-y’ flavour.

Local milk is left to set before the curd is gently cut into small cubes and left to settle. It is then drained and hand-ladled into curd trays. The next morning it is milled and packed into stilton hoops where it will drain naturally before being rubbed and put into the maturing rooms. A month or so later it is pierced to allow air to get in so the marvellous blue mould develops, and the magic begins. 

One of the world's true culinary treasures, and something worth travelling the globe to sample. It's honestly wonderful that you can have such an excellent and delicious example of an artisan's hard work delivered to your door.

  • Country: United Kingdom 
  • Region: Nottinghamshire
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurisation: Pasteurised 
  • Rennet Type: Animal 
  • Age: Minimum nine weeks
  • Serving: Approximately 200g wedge, hand cut


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