Campagne de France Crème Fraîche 196g

Campagne de France Crème Fraîche 196g

$58 per tub

Product description

Crème fraîche, French for “fresh cream” is a thick cultured cream. Cultured cream is cream soured with a bacterial culture, similar to sour cream. Crème fraîche has a nutty, tangy, slightly sour flavour and a fat content of around 30 per cent. Crème fraîche is used as a condiment or thickener in many appetizers, dinners, and desserts.

Incredibly versatile in the kitchen. An excellent base for condiments and toppings, and it can be added as a thickener to hot dishes without curdling. Mix it into soups and sauces, blend with herbs for a marinade, make a creamy salad dressing, serve with scones, whip with vanilla sugar and serve with fruit, the uses are endless!


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