• The glass door of a dry-ager with Dry-Aged written in gold lettering on it.

Grain Fed Sirloin 6KG Slab


As far as steaks go, Sirloin is relatively low on intramuscular fat. That makes the steak leaner and healthier, but also a little more difficult to cook with the possibility of becoming a bit tough. But, the dry-ageing process gently breaks down the fibres of the meat before it's cut and cooked, so with a dry-aged Sirloin, the risk of a tough steak is all but gone. All you're left with is a lean, super flavoursome steak that is tenderised by ageing rather than fat. If you're a meat-lover that finds the super marbled cuts too rich, then Sirloin is your man.

Our dry-ageing process involves careful monitoring of your slab through the ageing period by our expertly trained butchers and our state of the art dry-ageing facilities. The slabs are held in dry-ageing cabinets that strictly control the temperature and humidity of the meat, ensuring a product and process that is totally safe and hygienic.  For more info about the dry-ageing program at Feather & Bone please visit our blog

The slabs vary slightly in weight, before ageing this Ribeye Slab weighs approximately 6kg.

Please note, dry-ageing is for pre-order only. Jeni our Shop Manager will contact you to confirm your order details!


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