• Hokkaido Scallop Meat ( Frozen) 8 pieces Approx. 220g-Feather & Bone (2405198331962)

Hokkaido Scallops Sashimi Grade (Frozen)


Mild in every way, a subtle, gentle flavour, a soft, delicate texture, looks like a cloud. These beautiful Hokkaido scallops are the perfect entry-level sea food.

Cook them tenderly, grill them for mere moments over medium heat until a light golden crust forms on the edges and the centre is only just opaque. Delicious served ‘surf and turf’ style atop an equally delicate piece of tenderloin, beautiful in Japanese cuisine cooked teriyaki on a skewer or poached in a miso broth, or simply as an hors d'oeuvre, pan-fried in prosciutto.

Eight scallops, approximately 130g

Sold Frozen.


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