Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin 700ml Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin 700ml

Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin 700ml


Product description

Porcelain Gin brings rich Chinese craftsmanship and elegance to the world of craft gin. Meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients, distilled in small batches. The vessel is designed in partnership with LOVERAMICS adorned with their signature pattern by LALA CURIO.


The Gin opens to a chorus of citrus sweet notes, followed by an aromatic display of cardamom, and finally ends with warm delicate notes of sichuan peppercorn & lavender. They are the only distillery in the world to use Mongolian Juniper Berries and this makes the flavour of their gin truly unique, complex yet balanced and never been seen before.


Signature Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin is distilled from 18 botanicals. It is a very well balanced gin that opens to a chorus of citrus sweet Cardamom notes, followed by a mellow juniper and lavender mid rift, and finally trails off with a slight almond finish. There are no sharp bites or bitter notes, making it ideal for a Gin & Tonic.

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