• Steggles Frozen Turkey

Steggles Frozen Turkey


Steggles turkeys live a pretty happy life. Free to roam about in large barns, getting on with their turkey business. They eat a natural grain diet and are not given hormones or growth promotants. 

This results in healthy, delicious meat for your festive table. It's a once-a-year kind of meal, so it's worth investing in a quality bird and putting in the effort to cook it just right. 

A word about safely defrosting your turkey. It will take about six hours if left at room temperature, or around 36 hours in the fridge. Liquid will pool around the turkey and you want to pour it away if you can, just to keep it from spilling. Once its defrosted, cook it right away or keep it in the refrigerator tightly covered for up to a day.


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