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  • Free Range Pork Belly

Free Range Pork Belly



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Pork belly is a fatty cut which lends itself wonderfully to roasting or braising. For fantastic crackling you need very dry skin, simply score the skin and rub liberally with coarse salt. Remove any moisture with a clean towel and roast in a very hot oven. For a one-pot meal, rest the pork atop a layer of wedges of fennel, apple and onion filled halfway with apple cider. The pork with be crispy, the veg will be flavoured and tender and the dinners will be happy!

This beautiful pork come from Valenca who supply us with100% Australian free-range certified premium pork sourced from a select group of high welfare Australian pig farmers who pride themselves on best practice in both breeding and care of their pigs. These lucky pigs are raised in open paddocks to the highest welfare standards, ensuring a healthy happy life for the pigs and premium quality meat for you.

Subject to slight variation, this pork belly is cut to approximately 700g portions.