Wine of the Month March - Losada ‘Pájaro Rojo’ 2018

"José Gordón’s beef is serious business. It is a genuine artisan meat product that receives the utmost care and respect from paddock to plate. When I heard José’s amazing beef was on its way back to FAB, I knew I would need to find an equally special wine to pair with it. My search began with the saying ‘what grows together goes together’ and so my mind wandered directly to Spain’s north-west, where José’s cattle are raised. Obviously I was looking for a food wine, something supportive yet still full flavoured. Mencía was my dream grape for this pairing and Losada’s 2018 El Pájaro Rojo felt like it was meant to be. This has never been on our wine list, but I knew we just had to get this. El Pájaro Rojo is accented with black pepper atop an undercurrent of dark red berries. The fruitiness of the berries counterpoints the beef’s intense umami…and black pepper + beef = heaven! Losada ‘Pájaro Rojo’ 2018, 100% Mencía DO Bierzo Spain, is my chosen #WineOfTheMonth and the perfect pairing with José Gordón Beef”. - Andre Nio, Resident Wine Nerd

*Available to enjoy by the glass, carafe or bottle at any of our restaurants, online shop or from our grocery stores.