Sicilian Orange Hot Chocolate

Sicilian Orange Hot Chocolate

Starting to serving: 10 minutes
Active time 10 minutes. 
Serves: 2




        TO DO:

        1. Peel the zest of half the orange in long strips and add the zest to a pot.
        2. Add the chocolate powder, milk and cream.
        3. Whisk over low heat continuously.
        4. Turn off the heat just before the milk comes to the boil.
        5. Remove the orange zest strips.
        6. Pour into mugs and top with whipped cream.
        7. Use a micro plane to zest the rest of the orange over the cream and serve with marshmallows.
        8. To dial the decadence up to 11, crumble a little Cadbury's Flake over the top. 

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