FAB Ready to Roast Cooking Guide

FAB Ready to Roast Cooking Guide

A Christmas meal - we look for perfection, we want it to really impress because it is a gesture of love. It is a lot of work and not all of us are stars in the kitchen, so we help you out where we can. We have put together a Christmas "cooking guide" if you will, featuring instructions to some of our signature pieces, click the items below to see the cooking instruction. 



Free-range Chicken

Chicken Cushion


Beef Wellington

Wagyu Rump

Bone-in Rib-eye

Dry-aged Bone-in Rib-eye

Grass-fed T-bone


Tenderloin Roast


Lamb Noisette

Boneless Lamb Shoulder



Pork Belly

Smoked Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

Smoked Gammon Ham

This covers the meat! If you’d like recommendations on fully cooked feasts, we are happy to assist you personally. E-mail us at info@featherandbone.com.hk or message us via Facebook or Instagram, someone from the FAB team will always be ready to assist. Do check out our recipe bank too right here online, there are ton of recipes that are perfect for festive season too. 

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