ANGUS RESERVE – Grain-fed Black Angus Beef

ANGUS RESERVE – Grain-fed Black Angus Beef

Angus Reserve is Australia’s largest verified Black Angus beef brand – a brand built on the “principles of integrity, authenticity and quality”. Through critical control points throughout the supply chain, cattle and farmers are audited, its cattle sampled for DNA and therefore guarantees its finished beef product meets the marbling, age, weight and colour standards.

Angus Reserve owns and manages its entire operation, which includes the relationships with the Angus farmers who raise their cattle on some of the most incredible, rich agricultural land in Australia – 100% traceability, always. The cattle are fed a nutritious diet, a balanced blend of natural grains like corn, barley and wheat. Exceptional welfare practices alongside a passionate technical make all the difference, standards they’ve developed over 40 years.

Angus Reserve is packed with flavour, is finely marbled and is incredibly tender.

* Verified Black Angus Beef
* Award-winning
* Custom grain-fed
* 100% traceability
* MSA graded
* Halal available


Incredibly tender from the part of the animal that doesn’t do much work. It is well-marbled and very juicy. Ideal for the grill or event pan-fried, we recommend rib-eye from Angus Reserve for Asian stir-fries too, just slice and add to fried noodles for example, it’s a whole other level!


For entertaining at top level. For a carnivorous feast. To impress and to show off. Again, great for the dry-ager.

Unlike grass-fed, this tastes like “butter”, due to the controlled feeding environment and its more intense marbling (and whiter fat). Rich and succulent – a very special treat indeed.


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