TARA VALLEY – Quality Grass-fed Beef

TARA VALLEY – Quality Grass-fed Beef

Export quality grass-fed beef straight from farms across Victoria in the Goulburn Valley, Western District, Victorian Highlands, Gippsland and the Surf Coast regions from Australia are flown in chilled (never frozen) directly and make it our butcher’s counters in record time – ensuring freshness at all times. 

Tara Valley beef is exclusively British bred – its cattle includes mixes of Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Galloway, Murray Grey and Devon. Known for responsible farming, Tara Valley consistently delivers an all-natural meat product that is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasties. The cattle live of a diet of grass, resulting in leaner meat, lower in fat and calorific content.

Tara Valley has been a bronze and silver medal winner in the 2016 and 2019 ‘Australian Food Awards’ and are recognized the world over.


It basically means the beef is young. Its muscles haven’t worked a full life as they live up to 30 months of age, resulting in milder flavours and a softer texture – never chewy.


Rich, but mild, a little bit “buttery”, always lean – never chewy. Its natural diet of grass adds to the superior quality that you won’t find in the average supermarket. It is a popular cut with the health-conscious, a less-fatty yet protein laden piece of meat. Always available from all our butcher’s counters and online too. Best served medium-rare – remember the cut is lean, so it’ll dry out and lose flavour when cooked too long.


The fat and marbling content of this cut, gives the rib-eye its distinctive flavour. It is rich, juicy and tender. It is grass-fed, so higher in key nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants. We recommend you cook it to a medium-rare or medium – allow the fat to melt for maximum juiciness and flavour. It’s a cut above the rest in our opinion, exceptional quality not found in many other stores across Hong Kong.


This is the go-to cut for dry-ageing! Prized for its liberal marbling that gives it its tenderness and rich flavours when cooked, which intensify in the dry-ageing process, delivering savoury, earthy notes, with hints of blue cheese and mushrooms – umami like. In this process, moisture is removed and the enzymes soften the cellular structure of the meat. We offer the dry-ageing service we provide for free on all full slabs purchased – a service you won’t find in your regular supermarket.


The sirloin may not offer the same kind of marbling and fat content as say the rib-eye, but never underestimate the “underdog”. It’s naturally leaner – a healthier option, containing much less fat and cholesterol

It is usually thick-cut, featuring rather bold flavours. We enjoy them on the BBQ – adding smoky notes to the beef.


Our house-minced mix of grass-fed YG chuck and rump flies over the counters every single day. Minced beef is versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways. The chuck and rump parts of a cow are tougher cuts, hence perfect for mincing. It is of exceptional quality as the butchers across all our locations mince daily to ensure freshness, using only the freshest chuck and rump that like all other cuts, are flown in chilled – never frozen. This is what makes it stand out from what’s on offer in the regular supermarkets. We suggest you have a go at making your own burger patties with this - enjoy the Maillard reaction that will occur, it’s superb!


The burger patties are popular, for good reason. The butchers grind, mince and shape patties every single day at every single location – made with that same mince of the freshest chuck and rump. They’re used in the restaurants, they’re included in the BBQ packs online and can be bought per piece from the counters too.

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