Surf 'n' Turf (Valentine's Special)

Surf 'n' Turf (Valentine's Special)


  1. Take your steak out of the fridge, leave it in the paper while it comes to room temperature.
  2. Put a pan over a high flame for three to four minutes and allow it to get nice and hot, then turn down to medium.
  3. Pat your steak thoroughly dry then sprinkle sea salt and cracked pepper liberally on all sides (don’t forget the edges too!).
  4. Put about three tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and follow quickly with the steak, four squashed garlic cloves and a few sprigs of thyme.
  5. Cook the steak for one minute on each side, moving it about in the pan. Press it up against the side of your pan to sear the sides of the steak too.
  6. Add a heaped tablespoon (or about 50g) of butter.
  7. Tilt the pan to collect some butter melted and spoon it over the steak. (This is called nappé-ing - very chefy) Don’t lift the pan too far from the flame though, it needs to stay hot.
  8. Carry on for one more minute, lifting the steak slightly to let the butter run under, over and all around it. 
  9. Remove from the pan and put on a warm plate, pour the pan juices on top and rest for four or five minutes. A board won’t do, the juices will go everywhere.

 While your steak is resting, move onto the Lobster Tails.


  1. Warm 50g of butter, juice & zest of a lemon and a handful of chopped dill & tarragon in a small saucepan.
  2. Brush lobster meat generously with butter mix.
  3. Place under a grill on medium, cut side up for six minutes. 
  4. Brush with more butter then grill for six more minutes or until lobster is firm and opaque. 
  5. Brush with the last of the butter and drizzle with lobster oil just before serving.

Arrange with tender loving care onto two plates and serve with Champagne. 

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