Learn about our POULTRY

Learn about our POULTRY


Lilydale Australian chickens have been raised with care on Lilydale farms by Lilydale farmers. They’re raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones and growth promotants – it is 100% natural. You’ll find their farms in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia where they are fed a nutritious diet (cereal grains supplemented with vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and where welfare plays a significant role – accredited by Free Range Egg and poultry Australia (FREPA). The farms are audited regularly to make sure standards are met at all times. Their chickens have the ability to leave the barns and have access to fenced outdoor range areas during the day, they live happy and stress-free lives.

The cuts we offer from Lilydale:


Juicy and succulent chicken meat when roasted to perfection. The backbone conveniently removed – the butterflied version cooks a lot faster and therefore also makes it a great choice for dine-in. Available fully marinated or as is, remarkable in flavour – it is not your average chicken, it’s a Lilydale chicken.


Our butchers skilfully debone a whole chicken, leaving the meat and skin intact. They are then filled with a sage and onion stuffing, wrapped in smoked bacon and tied up into a cushion shape that you can slice into wedges when cooked. Something a little different, something you don’t see in most food stores.


Sometimes to tell the quality of a chicken, try the breast – the cleanest part where flavour speaks for itself. Lilydale’s quality really shines through, flown in chilled, never frozen (like all other cuts we stock).

Lean, nutritious, healthy – thousands of recipes, a versatile part of the chicken that can be cooked in so many different ways.


Beautiful, delicious dark meat. A little fattier, full of flavour. Great for roasts, stews and more.


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