Learn about our BEEF

Learn about our BEEF


Knowing where our beef comes from is key, hence we work with award-winning farmers and beef suppliers directly rather than going through a middleman, so we can inspect the quality ourselves. Our beef is flown in chilled, never frozen - directly from Australia. Learn about the cuts and suppliers here. We explain the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed and tell you about our signature dry-ageing programme. All of our beef is free of hormones, growth stimulants and other nasties - it is natural.


We stock both grain-fed and grass-fed beef, but what is the actual difference? In short, grain-fed beef tends to have whiter coloured fat and has more marbling, responsible for much of its flavour. It’s consistent in quality as grain-fed means controlled feeding environments that farmers meticulously monitor.

Grass-fed on the other hand relies on nature, usually milder in flavour – it’s leaner and less fatty too, a more yellow-coloured fat resulting in less overall marbling. Grass-fed beef contains higher levels of certain nutrients, it’s the grass they graze that causes this.

We don’t have a preference, we like to mix it up – we suggest you do too.


This is a signature service of ours. A service we have offered since day one, where we give you the opportunity to dry-age any slab of beef for free. 

What is dry-ageing exactly? It is the process of ageing beef in custom-build temperature and humidity controlled fridges, allowing for richer flavours to develop, but to make it more tender too. Moisture is drawn out of the meat and natural enzymes break down the connective tissue. A layer of fungus that forms on the outside further tenderising the meat – don’t worry, it’s scraped off before cooking.

We recommend about a month for dry-ageing, too long and it shrinks too much in size. Once cooked, you’ll experience earthy, mushroomy  blue cheese notes – an umami flavour-like explosion.


Export quality grass-fed beef straight from farms across Victoria in the Goulburn Valley, Western District, Victorian Highlands, Gippsland and the Surf Coast regions from Australia are flown in chilled (never frozen) directly and make it our butcher’s counters in record time – ensuring freshness at all times. 

Tara Valley beef is exclusively British bred – its cattle includes mixes of Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Galloway, Murray Grey and Devon. Known for responsible farming, Tara Valley consistently delivers an all-natural meat product that is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasties. The cattle live on a diet of grass, resulting in leaner meat, lower in fat and calorific content.

Tara Valley has been a bronze and silver medal winner in the 2016 and 2019 ‘Australian Food Awards’ and are recognized the world over.

Some of the signature Yield Grade cuts from Tara Valley: Tenderloin, Ribeye, T-bone, Sirloin, Minced Beef and Burger Patty.

What is Yield Grade (YG)?

It basically means the beef is young. Its muscles haven’t worked a full life as they live up to 30 months of age, resulting in milder flavours and a softer texture – never chewy.
Learn more about the cuts from Tara Valley.


Angus Reserve is Australia’s largest verified Black Angus beef brand – a brand built on the “principles of integrity, authenticity and quality”. Through critical control points throughout the supply chain, cattle and farmers are audited, its cattle sampled for DNA and therefore guarantees its finished beef product meets the marbling, age, weight and colour standards.

Angus Reserve owns and manages its entire operation, which includes the relationships with the Angus farmers who raise their cattle on some of the most incredible, rich agricultural land in Australia – 100% traceability, always. The cattle are fed a nutritious diet, a balanced blend of natural grains like corn, barley and wheat. Exceptional welfare practices alongside a passionate technical make all the difference, standards they’ve developed over 40 years.

Angus Reserve is packed with flavour, is finely marbled and is incredibly tender.

* Verified Black Angus Beef
* Award-winning
* Custom grain-fed
* 100% traceability
* MSA graded
* Halal available

Some of the signature cuts from Angus Reserve – Black Angus Grain-fed Ribeye and Grain-fed Bone-in Ribeye.

Learn more about the cuts from Angus Reserve.


Oakey Wagyu is sourced from proven lineage only and operates with confidence, ensuring performance and reliability. Guaranteed marbling characteristics – that fine textured fat that appears within the muscle, allows for consistent rich, juicy and tender flavours. Ultimately, providing a more indulgent experience.
Its cattle are raised on King Island, Tasmania on lush farm lands where the air is clean, the temperature is mild – where the F1 Wagyu cross cattle enjoy the natural environments, fed with a custom blend of nutrient dense grains, resulting in its renowned marbling.

* 100% Australian F1 Wagyu
* Full-blood Wagyu cross
* 350+ days grain-fed
* Guaranteed 3 – 9 marbling score
* HGP free
* Halal available 

Some of the signature MBS6 Wagyu cuts from Oakey: Ribeye, Sirloin and Rump and Burger Patty.
* MBS6 is the marbling score, which is above average – very good!

Learn more about the cuts from Oakey Wagyu.


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