Let us deliver you a full hot ’Sunday’ Roast any day of the week (five day lead time on all orders)! Choose a ‘bundle’ option to try our recommended full roast with all the sides and trimmings, alternatively build your own ‘bundle’ by selecting non-bundle roast meats and adding on your own sides, sauces and desserts. 
Step 1: Simply make your selection, a bundle roast or a roast on its own. Note each roast feeds up to 6 pax. 
Step 2: Choose your sides and / or salads. 
Step 3: Pick your accompaniments and / or sauces. 
Step 4: Never ever forget about dessert…a generous serving made to share.
Step 5: A cheese is a nice little add-on.
Step 6: Pick a wine to go with that roast! 
So simply make your selections, specify when you’d like to eat and your roast lunch or dinner will be delivered to your door. Please allow a five day lead time on all orders. For example, for Saturday lunch, please submit your order by close of business on Monday. 
Jeni our Shop Manager will contact you to confirm your order details, including delivery date & Time. Thank you and enjoy! 
*Please note that this will not be available on 24th & 25h December.