OAKEY WAGYU – 100% Australian F1 Grain-fed Wagyu

OAKEY WAGYU – 100% Australian F1 Grain-fed Wagyu

Oakey Wagyu is sourced from proven lineage only and operates with confidence, ensuring performance and reliability. Guaranteed marbling characteristics – that fine textured fat that appears within the muscle, allows for consistent rich, juicy and tender flavours. Ultimately, providing a more indulgent experience.

Its cattle are raised on King Island, Tasmania on lush farm lands where the air is clean, the temperature is mild – where the F1 Wagyu cross cattle enjoy the natural environments, fed with a custom blend of nutrient dense grains, resulting in its renowned marbling.

* 100% Australian F1 Wagyu
* Full-blood Wagyu cross
* 350+ days grain-fed
* Guaranteed 3 – 9 marbling score
* HGP free
* Halal available

Marbling Score: MBS6

All Wagyu cuts from Oakey have a marbling score of MBS6 or higher, which is above average – very good!


The Wagyu rib-eye is a personal favourite. The fat content to meat ratio is superb and results in a melt-in-your-mouth texture.


Although considered a “lesser” cut, we recommend this Wagyu sirloin for its delicate tenderness and slightly sweet flavour.


Tasty and lean, relatively tender. It comes from the backside of the cow, an area that works hard. Experience deep, mineral savouriness.


Buttery and lustrous, yet holds a firm texture. Very juicy when cooked, full of umami-like flavours. A strong beefy taste, but more “sweet” than “greasy”.


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